Home Visits

We offer a mobile denture service to individuals in their own homes, residents of care homes or retirement villages and patients in hospital. Our equipment is portable and our staff is experienced at working “in the field” – if you need an on-site denture service, we will do our very best to provide it.

Booking an Appointment

You can book an appointment with us by telephoning 0800 246 5969 or by emailing us on info@dentalsolutions.org.uk and one of our team we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.

Most of our Home Visits are carried out after normal clinic hours between 5.00pm – 7.00pm If this is not suitable an alternative time can always be arranged.

I am booking on behalf of a relative – do I need to be present at the appointment?

Some family members prefer to be present, others are unable to be. In a care home setting, we will always try to liaise with the care staff. and advise on oral healthcare and follow-up care after a procedure. If the patient is in his or her own home and you are unable to attend the appointment, it may be reassuring for them to have a regular carer or other familiar face present when the CDT visits for the first time.

We ask for a signed Patient Consent Form because unlike a conventional denture clinic where the patient travels to us, you are inviting us into your home or into your, or your relative’s, residential care home and we need to record your consent to our being there and to being examined by the CDT. Additionally, many of our patients are elderly and may be unable to give consent themselves and if that is the case we need to ensure that the person responsible for giving consent on their behalf has been consulted and agrees to the patient being treated.

We ask for a signed Form of Medical History/Medications because in order to treat patients safely in a home setting it is extremely important that we have all your relevant medical information to hand.


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